Google core update: good news for Reddit, bad news for media (Newsletter)

Hey. Ilia here. And Google made an update to their core algorithm. How’s your site doing? If it feels like its been a rollercoaster for your site’s rankings, you’re not alone. The tremours of Google’s Core Update have been felt all across the web. And as always, there are winners and losers. Let’s dive in. […]

Core Offering and Service Pages. You’re Using Them Wrong.

Product and service pages: do they matter for SEO? The short answer is: yes, they do, but you’ve been using them wrong. We’re working with a client right now and their new content is ranking no problem, even when their core site pages are limited. The primary purpose of product and service pages is to […]

Google’s biggest update for product reviews?

This might be the big one! The latest Google Search ranking update is laser-focused on ecommerce, specifically product reviews: Now dubbed the Product Review System, Google is signalling that they’re ready to “better reward high quality product reviews, which is content that provides insightful analysis and original research and is written by experts or […]

Best Social Media Platform for B2B Marketing

The old adage, which has been true for all marketing, is – to go where your audience is. The same is true for social media marketing. Nonetheless, every year the question gets asked – what is the best social media platform for B2B marketing? The answer may be all of them, but it may not […]

Should I Start My Instagram Over?

Editor notes: this is a repost of an old So Good Digital article that currently brings nearly two thousand organic visitors to the website monthly.  Why in the world would anyone want to start their Instagram account from scratch? Creating an account takes time, effort, and sometimes a monetary investment. Taking all of this into […]